Friesen, Don SSBC:EX Don.Friesen at gov.bc.ca
Tue Mar 23 17:14:08 UTC 2010

>The OP has said they are running Debian, so there is no valid reason
>why a client moving from one network to another and appropriately
>entering INIT-REBOOT behind an authoritative server would not be
>met with a DHCPNAK, even on 4.1.0.

   Teach me for not rereading the entire history.  Indeed, not even 
reading the current note wherein he said " when i move to different 
subnet".  INIT-REBOOT is a broadcast, so there is no reason the 
client would not get the NAK.

   My apologies, I get too hung up on my own issues... 

   that of NAKing a RENEW.


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