Getting "Impossible condition at hash.c:52"

Friesen, Don SSBC:EX Don.Friesen at
Mon May 3 22:35:00 UTC 2010

   After being stable at 4.1.1 for 4 months, we are suddenly getting
this impossible condition.  There is not much information other than
this available in the logs.  Does anyone have any hints as to how we
could identify the cause.

   We examined hash.c and it appears to be coded to handle 4 types of
hash tables, though it appears that include/omapip/hash.h defines 5

unsigned do_string_hash(const void *, unsigned, unsigned);
unsigned do_case_hash(const void *, unsigned, unsigned);
unsigned do_id_hash(const void *, unsigned, unsigned);
unsigned do_number_hash(const void *, unsigned, unsigned);
unsigned do_ip4_hash(const void *, unsigned, unsigned);

   The one that is not coded to be handled by find_length is do_id_hash.

   Our service is not staying up more than 15 seconds.  It handles a
bunch of requests, then terminates.  We can't see from the log that the
last request handled is anything consistent.  And I must assume that the
request that triggers this is not making it to the log.

Don Friesen

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