Defining a vendor class with specific option to support Pano Logic DHCP client discovery

Timothy Loudermilk loudermi at
Wed May 12 20:50:38 UTC 2010

I have been provided instructions on how to setup Pano Logic client
discovery using a Windows DHCP server, however we run ISC DHCP.  I need
help translating  the instructions for Windows DHCP into configuration
parameters for our ISC DHCP servers.

We are currently running Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server


To set up Pano Client Discovery to use DHCP method:


On the server, you'll define a vendor class called Pano Logic, and this
class is identified by the ASCII string Pano Logic. For this vendor
class you'll use vendor specific option, Code 1, Type IP address, Value:
PanoManagerServerIPAddress where PanoManagerServerIPAddress is the
static IP address of the Pano Manger VM.


Windows server example:










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