4.1.1 lease duplicate

Roar Pettersen roar.pettersen at uib.no
Wed May 19 15:49:42 UTC 2010

Hi !

> Run a tcpdump on one of your servers, maybe you got clients where the 'secs' field of the DHCPDISCOVER header is greater than 3 (as specified by "load balance max seconds 3"). If that's the case, the load-balancing is disabled and both servers will offer an IP, which will cause a 'is duplicate' message.

> Maybe same problem as I had (see https://lists.isc.org/pipermail/dhcp-users/2010-April/011298.html )

Yes, I guess that it is the same problem. Have rebuild with your patch, 
but did you also do some config change in dhcpd.conf ?

Med vennlig hilsen / Regards;

   Roar Pettersen
   Universitetet i Bergen -  The University of Bergen

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