How can I configure a DHCP server to assign addresses based on the OS that is running

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Tue May 25 09:52:31 UTC 2010

Am 21.05.2010 um 21:53 schrieb Marc Chamberlin:

> But I wonder, is it possible to define a pool of only one address?  
> If so, I have not figured out how yet... Seems like that would be a  
> back handed way to assign fixed addresses but I am willing to stand  
> on my head if I have to.. LOL...

Maybe you've found out yourself by now, but if not: Yes, this works,  
we are doing it, it's really simple.

First, we define classes & subclasses based on the hardware address:
class "IEU_0196_L1" { match hardware; }
subclass "IEU_0196_L1" 1:00:1b:fc:38:07:8f;

Then we assign one address to that subclass like this:
pool { allow members of "IEU_0196_L1" ; range; }

And that's it. Should also work with the vendor-class-identifier.  
Advantage is, since this is not a "fixed-address" but a "normal"  
lease, it will be logged when it is issued (and that's why we are  
using this).

Hope this helps, Tina

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