dhcpv6 server and dhclient IA_PD support

Kunal Sharma KSharma at westell.com
Thu May 27 10:57:10 UTC 2010


I'm new to using ISC DHCP and I have 4.1.1 source code. For my *practical* purpose, I have a running configuration of server and client working in tandem. But its just basic. 

I've looked at the "option dhcp6.ia-pd" on the server end (and I can't seem to find any example config for the same) but nothing for the client. I also have my doubts what with all the documentation saying this might not be supported yet. Does the support exist in 4.1.1 ?

I need to be able to configure my dhclient in a way that its request a PD from the server and configures one or more interfaces based on that. How would the dhclient configure different subnets on different interfaces (for simplicity's sake, lets consider just one subnet for one interface) from the prefix delegated by the server ?


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