best practice for moving subnets?

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Wed Nov 17 16:08:08 UTC 2010

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> Von: Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at>
> Betreff: Re: best practice for moving subnets?
> >But what about all the host-entries in the leasedatabase? I would 
> >have to delete them all manually, wouldn't I?
> Host entries ?

All our printers and servers (and a few workstations as well) have host entries to make sure they are getting the same IP every time.

There are a lot of changes to these hostentries every day. If you would write them into the configfile, the dhcpd would do nothing else than reloading its config the hole day. We wouldn't be able to use DHCP at all. 
So we don't write the hostentries into the config. We write them into the leasedatabase. This way we can do it without restarting the dhcpd.

> >And the failoverstatments of the old failoverpair in the 
> >leasedatabase: Could they lead to problems when the new failoverpair 
> >is importing the leasedatabase?
> Good question. Are they actually used or does the config file take
> precedence ?

Both. In the config you define the failover parameters, in the leasedatabase the dhcpd writes the state he and his partner are in at the moment. At startup this value is used as starting mode for the failoverprotocoll.

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