best practice for moving subnets?

John Wobus jw354 at
Fri Nov 19 17:40:32 UTC 2010

> There are a lot of changes to these hostentries every day. If you  
> would write them into the configfile, the dhcpd would do nothing  
> else than reloading its config the hole day. We wouldn't be able to  
> use DHCP at all.
> So we don't write the hostentries into the config. We write them  
> into the leasedatabase. This way we can do it without restarting the  
> dhcpd.

We reload the config as frequently as every 2 minutes when there are  
changes.  We have 100K host entries.  We treat our lease database
as rather expendable in a pinch (only 1-hour max leases) but then we  
don't use DDNS.

John Wobus
Cornell  CIT

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