Class matching

Luka dhcp at
Sun Oct 3 09:16:03 UTC 2010

I'm sorry for sending this message as a new one and not as a reply, but
I haven't received your replies and had to find them in the archives.

Glenn Satchell:

Possible workarounds include defining the option tftp-server-name in the
pool, rather than the class. This may not be suitable if you have many

Can you distinguish the two groups of machines any other way? Do you
need two different tftp servers because the download file is different?

Yes, there are many pools declared and I have tried to put the tftp
option inside the pool with:

if( option vendor-class-identifier = "some-vendor" ) {
	option tftp-server-name = "";

but the clients still get the tftp from the a class.

Adam Moffet:

I resolved it by writing more complex match rules in classes to ensure
that each client would only match one class.

I couldn't do that, since clients are of the same type (Linksys SPA
phones). And as Glenn mentioned it, same type of clients, comming from
different networks need different tftp options. But not just becouse of
different files, but the different tftp server.

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