CableLabs Vendor Specific Option not in Relay-Reply message

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Sun Oct 3 20:19:33 UTC 2010

I think you should include the options within the subnet definition. LIke the example below. That is working for me.

shared-network C4-IPV6-Bundle1 {
subnet6 FC00:0000:0000:0001::0/64 {
option docsis.tftp-servers FC00::1;
option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file "arris-D30modem.bin";
option docsis.cablelabs-syslog-servers FC00::1;
option docsis.time-servers FC00::1;
option docsis.time-offset -10800;
option FC00::1;
range6 FC00:0000:0000:0001::/64;

Subject: RE: CableLabs Vendor Specific Option not in Relay-Reply message
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 10:22:43 -0400
From: Ching-Ho.Cheng at
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I have enclosed the dhcpd6.conf for reference.  I hope that this could help to determine my DHCPv6 server problem :

#Define the options:
option space docsis code width 2 length width 2;
option vsio.docsis code 4491 = encapsulate docsis;
option docsis.tftp-servers code 32 = array of ip6-address;
option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file code 33 = text;
option docsis.cablelabs-syslog-servers code 34 = array of ip6-address;
option docsis.device-id code 36 = string;
option docsis.time-servers code 37 = array of ip6-address;
option docsis.time-offset code 38 = signed integer 32;
#Configure global options:
option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file "basic.bin";
option docsis.cablelabs-syslog-servers 2000:300::2;
option docsis.tftp-servers 2000:300::2;
option docsis.time-servers 2000:300::2;
option docsis.time-offset 0;
option dhcp6.rapid-commit;
# lease-time information: default = 30 minutes, max = 120 minutes
#default-lease-time 864000;
#max-lease-time 864000;
default-lease-time 1800;
max-lease-time 1800;
# modem configuration file name:
#filename "basic.bin";
ddns-update-style ad-hoc;
    subnet6 2000:300::/64 {
            range6 2000:300::/64;
# Goldie Subnet 
shared-network "goldie_1" {
        option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file "goldie_1.bin";
        subnet6 2001:100:101::/64 {
                range6 2001:100:101::/64;
Ching-Ho Cheng

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Subject: CableLabs Vendor Specific Option not in Relay-Reply message

I upgraded the DHCP server to 4.1.x from 4.0.x. Now, in DHCPv6 relay-reply message from ISC server, there is no CableLabs vendor specific options included. IPv6 modem could not register due to the missing TFTP/config file information within the CableLabs vendor option. 
I was using the same dhcpd6.conf as in 4.0.x. Any suggestion is appreciated.
Ching-Ho Cheng
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