logging relay agent IP address

Adam Moffett adamlists at plexicomm.net
Tue Oct 5 18:20:22 UTC 2010

  I want to log a few specific things about DHCP assignments, and I've 
got most of what I want.

       log(info, concat( "RID",
                         binary-to-ascii(16,8,":",option agent.remote-id),
                         binary-to-ascii(16,8,":",option agent.circuit-id),

To this I want to also add the IP address of the relay agent we got the 
initial request from.  I would want something similar to an "option 
agent.relay-ip".  Is there any such thing?  Is there any other way to 
log that?

I do of course get "DHCPDISCOVER from <MAC> via <relay agent>" lines, 
but I was hoping to get everything on one line.  If I can't then I 
can't, no biggie.

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