Multiple instances of custom option possible?

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That didn't seem to work - the later definition seemed to always override previous definition (hence only one instance of an option was in DHCP server's memory).



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man dhcp-options

       DHCPv6  options  differ  from  DHCPv4  options  partially  due to using 16-bit code and length tags, but semantically zero-length
       options are legal in DHCPv6, and multiple options are treated differently.  Whereas in DHCPv4 multiple options would be  concate-
       nated  to  form  one  option,  in DHCPv6 they are expected to be individual instantiations.

So presumably you could have mutiple instance as follows ???

dhcp6.option-dns-select ip6-addr int8 "domain1"[,"domain2" ...]
dhcp6.option-dns-select ip6-addr int8 "domain10"[,"domain20" ...]

Reissom Beshir

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I have tried to find answer to following problem but haven't succeeded. Could you please assist?

I'm working with prototype implementation relating to my draft:

I would like to have multiple instances of the proposed DHCPv6 option sent by ISC's DHCPv6 server implementation (4.2.0) and be received by the ISC's client (stateless mode). I get one instance through just fine, but is it possible to have several without modifying code?

option dhcp6.option-dns-select code xx = { ip6-address, integer 8, domain-list };

Thank you,

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