Putting iPads in their own IP pool?

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Fri Oct 8 19:59:50 UTC 2010

Adam Moffett wrote:
> Alan Buxey wrote:
>> chasing MAC addresses can lead to ongoing pain - we used to do similar for

I was worried about that problem as well.  But couldn't find a better
solution when I started looking at the hardware addresses.  In my case
false positives are better than false negatives.  So I can afford some
sweeping large brush strokes.

>> class "device" {
>>    match option vendor-class-identifier;
>> }
>> subclass "device" "iPad" {
>> }
> Good point.  You should be able to find out the vendor-class-identifier,  
> if there is one, by adding this to your conf file:
> log(info, option vendor-class-identifier);
> Then wait for an iPad to get an IP.

I had seen vendor-class-identifier but had no way of knowing what
would be in there.  Your option to log what comes back looks very
useful.  I just turned that on a moment ago and will see what gets
logged from it.


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