DHCPD 4.2.0 did not respond to any request

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Oct 27 02:11:51 UTC 2010


we upgrade our dhcpd from 4.1 to 4.2 in Aug 25, the two server are set up as master-slave configuration, the OS is Solaris9 running on SUN V240.

>From Sep 13, we noticed network access equipment show log on dhcp server down frequently, as:

Oct 27 09:02:49: %DHCP-6-GEN_INFO: Marking server: in context: vrWLAN alive
Oct 27 09:08:14: %DHCP-6-GEN_INFO: Marking server: in context: vrWLAN dead
Oct 27 09:08:17: %DHCP-6-GEN_INFO: Marking server: in context: vrWLAN alive

Today,our customer complaint that they could not obtain IP address at all.

Syslog does not show any error messages, but dhcpd.lease file stop rolling out which (to my understanding) means no lease ation is taken.

Is there anybody met similar problem ? 

how could I identify where the problem is ?  

thanks in advance.



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