dhcp fails with big dhcpd.leases

Sten Carlsen stenc at s-carlsen.dk
Thu Sep 2 11:38:05 UTC 2010

On Thu, September 2, 2010 11:41, dorian wrote:
> First of all I would like to inform that all the claims regarding the
> dhcp problem with big dhcpd.leases file turned out to be completely false.
> I was totally wrong stating that this is the problem subject.
> I've just observed the same effect when the relatively small lease file.
Good, then we are a step closer to fixing the issues.

> I need bridge since I need MAC addresses of the clients at the server.
Do you need MAC addresses for a different purpose than dhcp? DHCP-server
will get and use MAC addresses also with routed networks while a lot of
other stuff will get easier..

Best regards
Sten Carlsen

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