ipv6 deployment question

Eddie Lania eddie at lania.nl
Mon Sep 6 17:15:30 UTC 2010


I am already working on that scenario.

I use radvd only for router (gateway) advertisement. I set flags in
radvd so that no stateless configuration is done on the hosts.
Hosts need to use dhcpv6 for ipv6 configuration. dhcp provides hosts
with the unique local addresses.

This prevents hosts to communicate beyond the FC00::/7 to the outside

But this setup seems pretty useless since no NAT/PAT is available (yet)
in ipv6. Hosts need real global (2000::/3) addresses to accomplish that.

I have a tun6to4 connection to the internet.

I could provide them with addresses by using a /64 subnet from the
2002::/16 subnet that is provided to me through the tun6to4 connection
but then I keep breaking my mind about how addresses of these hosts
would have to be registered in the local dns.

From what I know, it is not allowed to use the tun6to4 addresses to be
registered in global dns.

So, I wonder how this should be done in the real ipv6 world. (I think
nat/pat is not valid anymore in ipv6).



This seems to work for the most part.

On Mon, 2010-09-06 at 16:17 +0530, Suprasad Mutalik Desai wrote:
> Site local addresses are deprecated and are no more used. Instead we
> use Unique Local addresses,FC00::/7 (ULA) to assign addresses to the
> LAN side hosts. 
> Regd the RDNSS option although radvd has support for that but LAN side
> host doesn't support this option . So actually you cannot use this
> option for deployment. So As of now , until all the hosts support this
> RDNSS, better option would be RADVD + Stateless DHCPv6 server
> Regards,
> Suprasad. 
> On 9/4/10, Eddie Lania <eddie at lania.nl> wrote: 
>         Okay, thank you again. That seems pretty straight forward :-)
>         One thing I still wonder about:
>         Is everybody that uses ipv6 just assigning global addresses to
>         all the hosts in their lan?
>         Or are there also people that prefer to assign site global
>         addresses to their hosts only?
>         What would be the benefit of that? You can't "nat" them to the
>         outside world can you?

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