Class definitions behavior

Adam Moffett adamlists at
Wed Sep 8 19:31:34 UTC 2010

>> If a DHCP request could potentially match two different classes, what 
>> happens?  Does it match both classes, the first one declared in 
>> dhcpd.conf, or something else?
> It matches all the classes it meets the match criteria for. What the 
> end result is depends a lot on your config, but in the simple case 
> where you are using classes to allow access to pools, a client will be 
> eligible to get an address from any pool it matches the class for.
Thanks Simon.  If I understand you correctly then a client can belong to 
many classes.
In a pool let's say I allow one class and deny another like so:
pool {
   allow members of "foo";
   deny members of "bar";
   range x.x.x.x y.y.y.y;

If a client belongs to both foo and bar will he be allowed or denied?
I think you're going to tell me that the answer is "allowed" because 
that's what I think I'm seeing.

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