Version 4.2.0 disappeared

Fred Zwarts F.Zwarts at
Fri Sep 17 10:32:54 UTC 2010

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Subject: Re: Version 4.2.0 disappeared

> F.Zwarts> The last few weeks I am trying to make the dhcp version
> 4.2.0 F.Zwarts> work
> [...]
> F.Zwarts> Today I discovered that 4.2.0 has disappeared from this
> list. 
> F.Zwarts> Is there any information why this has happened?  Is it still
> F.Zwarts> longer qualified for a production release, or should I try
> the F.Zwarts> previous version (4.1.1-P1)?
> You've just hit our web site in a transitional period. Previously, the
> main project pages (such as have had all
> releases currently supported. However, we've found that most folks
> seem to prefer us recommending just one or two versions, rather than
> leaving it to them to try to figure out which of 3-5 releases is most
> appropriate for them.
> The decision was made to have just 1-2 releases on the main project
> page, which are the releases we feel are the best compromise of new
> features versus time tested in the field and are the most suitable for
> most large production environments.
> You can still find all current releases via our Downloads section
> (filterable by project and type of release):
>  <>
> DHCP 4.2.0 is a production and supported release. It is also our most
> cutting edge release. You should read the release notes for 4.2.0 and
> 4.1.1-P1 and see if you need the additional features 4.2.0 offers. If
> they don't seem appropriate to you and time in the field is more
> critical to you, use 4.1.1-P1. If the new features seem useful to you,
> use 4.2.0.

I am interested in 4.2.0 for IPv6, because I read in the release notes
that it uses the "hardware Ethernet" statement to match the mac-address from
LL or LLT client DUIDs. This would allow us to use a common include file
with host declarations for both IPv4 and IPv6 to register clients for the 
address pools.

However, up to now I have no success in configuring the server for IPv6.
I have the impression that it does not work as specified, but, because I am
rather new to IPv6, my understanding is limited and I hesitate to report my
findings as bugs. In addition, I do not get any response on my questions
about the dhcp server in IPv6 mode.
I get the impression that nobody is using the server in IPv6 mode.
Do you know anyone who has succeeded in configuring the dhcp server in IPv6
mode who is willing to help me to create a usable configuration.
It would help me already a lot if anybody could tell me how the example 
configuration which is present in the kit, should be modified to allow only
registered clients to use the given IPv6 pool.

Best regards,

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