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Joshua West jwest at
Fri Apr 1 19:06:08 UTC 2011

Hi Martin,

I've written a Netreg system for where I work (Brandeis University).
Handles its magic the same way you outlined... Short DHCP lease time for
unknown clients and OMAPI to update the DHCP failover pool pair when a
device does get registered (or unregistered :-)). I also built in
support for DDNS, so users can nickname their device, and get hostname wherever they roam.

Screenshots are here:

Though the screenshots may be a little old. Currently working on the
next release of our Netreg, which includes moving from ISC DHCP 4.1.x to
4.2.1 (DDNS async updates == win).

On 03/22/11 12:27, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	Some years ago, Carnegie Mellon University built a
> clever use of dhcp and DNS called netreg to authenticate clients
> who wanted to connect to their networks. It looks like nobody
> has done much to it since about 2005 and there is no mention of
> failover or omapi. All updates are done the old fashioned-way.
> Modify dhcpd.conf. Stop the server. Say a prayer and restart
> dhcpd.
> 	We've been asked to investigate netreg so I am asking
> whether there is a modernized version that exists and makes use
> of omapi for dynamic updates.
> 	The original idea was that each network had a small pool
> of dynamic leases with very short lifetimes. A client is sent to
> the authentication server and, if approved, he gets put in to
> the known pool. By using omapi, he could also be given a bootP
> entry if the magic between authentication and approval can do
> that.
> 	We are basically looking to make sure we don't re-envent
> any good wheels that have already been proven to roll.
> 	Thanks for all constructive ideas.
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