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Mon Apr 11 16:55:01 UTC 2011

2011/4/11 pat <patkumar82 at gmail.com>

> Hi Simon
> "If I read this right, you have a relay box of some sort, and you want to
> somehow second guess the IP address the client is going to get - in advance
> of the server allocating it ?"
> Yes perfect, i need to do some sort of query to the dhcp server to get the
> subnet configured that the server is ready to offer.
Hi, should't the GWIADDR field in DHCP header deal with this situation?

> The reason for doing this is my box will be relay as well as a gateway to
> the packet data network, where DHCP server A is placed in normal wireless
> network and DHCP server 2 in the some sort of customized network such as
> wifi, i wanted to put the check list in my box and map the client ip with my
> database of Ip address, (worst case CLIENT X gets one Ip from DHCP A and
> second IP from DHCP B for two different network access) .
> without knowing the ip address range of the DHCP server A and B i can't
> route with differential routing schemes
> Is there a way to get the subnet information by query from dhcp relay
> server

As long that the dhcp relay is configured, it should do this identification
automatically, AFAIK.
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