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Fri Apr 15 21:39:45 UTC 2011

man dhcpd.conf:

       The log-facility statement

          log-facility facility;

          This  statement  causes  the DHCP server to do all of its logging on
          the specified log facility once the dhcpd.conf file has  been  read.
          By  default  the DHCP server logs to the daemon facility.   Possible
          log facilities include auth, authpriv, cron, daemon, ftp, kern, lpr,
          mail,  mark,  news,  ntp,  security,  syslog, user, uucp, and local0
          through local7.   Not all of these facilities are available  on  all
          systems,  and  there may be other facilities available on other sys-

          In addition to setting this value, you may need to modify your  sys-
          log.conf  file  to configure logging of the DHCP server.   For exam-
          ple, you might add a line like this:

               local7.debug /var/log/dhcpd.log

          The syntax of the syslog.conf file may be different on some  operat-
          ing  systems  -  consult the syslog.conf manual page to be sure.  To
          get syslog to start logging to the new file, you must  first  create
          the  file  with correct ownership and permissions (usually, the same
          owner and permissions of your /var/log/messages or /usr/adm/messages
          file  should  be  fine)  and send a SIGHUP to syslogd.  Some systems
          support log rollover using a shell script or program called  newsys-
          log  or  logrotate, and you may be able to configure this as well so
          that your log file doesn’t grow uncontrollably.

          Because the log-facility setting is  controlled  by  the  dhcpd.conf
          file,  log  messages  printed  while  parsing the dhcpd.conf file or
          before parsing it are logged to the default log facility.   To  pre-
          vent  this,  see  the  README  file included with this distribution,
          which describes how to change the default log facility.   When  this
          parameter is used, the DHCP server prints its startup message a sec-
          ond time after parsing the configuration file, so that the log  will
          be as complete as possible.

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> is there a way to keep a separate error log ?
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