Is there anything new on the DHCP Failover Horizon? An Update

Martin McCormick martin at
Sat Apr 16 21:55:34 UTC 2011

Simon Hobson writes:
> Just as a sanity check, you are aware that if one of the servers is down,
> you have to manually put the other into partner down state aren't you ?

	That is an excellent question. Actually, I am aware of
that but I sort of forgot about that capability simply because
we are not in that situation that often. I thought of it just as
the down server came back up.

> Some admins have come up with technique to automate this, but the ISC team
> took the decision that they couldn't possibly know all permutations and so
> the only safe option was to assume that only inter-server comms was down.
> It's quite feasible to have a network problem (routing issue for example)
> that would leave both servers able to service clients, while being unable
> to communicate with each other.
> Until you put one server in partner down state, then it cannot use the
> addresses "owned" by the other server.

	I should write a little script to do this so we can do
it quickly next time and any technician could run the script and
a companion partner-up script for when the problem is corrected.

	Thanks for responding.

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