Is there anything new on the DHCP Failover Horizon? An Update

the Radio theradio at
Sun Apr 17 09:32:29 UTC 2011

The auto-partner-down shall be the answer to this since v 4.2.1b1 
(introduced in v4.2.0 but was uncorrectly parsed) :

"- Fix the paranthesis in the code to process configuration statements 
beginning with "auth".  The previous arrangement caused 
"auto-partner-down" to be processed incorrectly.  [ISC-Bugs #21854]"

I had no time to test it again, but it's the central failover parameter 
for a lot of admins, I guess.

Le 17/04/2011 09:54, Simon Hobson a écrit :
> Martin McCormick wrote:
>> ... and a companion partner-up script for when the problem is corrected.
> AIUI they will recover on their own once the failed server comes back.

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