Is there anything new on the DHCP Failover Horizon?

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Apr 18 16:32:46 UTC 2011

Glenn Satchell writes:
> Something like this will do the partner down. In a previous life I used a
> cron job to run a ping every 30 minutes and run this script if the ping
> failed. Partner down doesn't have to be immediate, just needs to be done
> before you run out of free leases (so the time will depend on the average
> number of free leases, lease duration, and how often new clients come
> along. "name" below is the failover peer name in dhcpd.conf.

Many thanks and please disregard my message about the omshell
script that wasn't working. I didn't see your message until I
sent that posting so I will compare it to what I did and fix my

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