shared-subnet for single subnet (Was: about concept "group", "shared-network", and "subnet", thanks.)

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Apr 20 22:03:57 UTC 2011

Stemen, Andrew Michael wrote:

>  > >It is my practice (and I recommend it to others) that every network
>>  >have a shared-network statement, simply for greater clarity, even if
>>  >there is only one subnet on that network.
>>  I'll disagree there and suggest not using shared networks if you
>>  don't need them. It's another level of nesting to get confused over,
>>  and it's something else to confuse a novice admin that has to take
>>  over when you get knocked down by the proverbial bus.
>Would you consider my suggestion to be outright incorrect, or just
>personal preference?

Personal preference, there's no technical reason.

I'd argue that for most users, they haven't got shared-networks and 
it's cleaner to leave them out. Where you do use them, they stand out 
more by being different.
And it's less typing !

Like many things, not a matter of right or wrong, just different 
approaches to it.

Simon Hobson

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