more than one ip range

Usuário do Sistema maiconlp at
Wed Apr 27 03:33:49 UTC 2011

hi everyone, I'm in an project of network segmentation in some VLANS.
so...I need set my DHCP server distribute more than one IP range.

for exemplo, currently my server DHCP is inside to VLAN what is VLAN 1
( ) it's distributes only on this VLAN 1.

I wish that it distributes other ip ranges for other VLANs but on same
NIC ( Interface  - VLAN 1 )

for exemplo, Users from VLAN 2 ( network ) will be ask
IP on server DHCP interface that has IP

in my switch structure all it's ready....I have switch Cisco and I've
configuration ip helper address in my vlan 1.

how can I reach this scenery....more than one ip range on my server DHCP ??

any tip be welcome!


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