Constant DHCP requests...

Marc Perea marccp at
Wed Aug 3 14:32:27 UTC 2011

>>No logging that I can find other than WireShark.
Just a note here because I ran into a problem with a device sending DHCPNAK in the past - where is your sniff point? Is it at the server, at the client, or somewhere in the middle? In my case, I was sniffing in my core which is near the server and far from the client, and like you I was seeing "normal" behavior except that the client continually asked for an address despite the server sending offers. Once I mirrored the client side (not easy, btw) I saw that a device in line of the path from the server to the client was rejecting the DHCP process by sending NAKs. Just something to keep in mind - the client may be acting on what it sees which may or may not be what you see, depending on where your sniff point is.
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