DHCPRELEASE on a bootP Address

Brent L. Bates blbates at vigyan.com
Fri Aug 5 13:30:55 UTC 2011

     I was not complaining about the "not found" in our logs.  I was just
trying to help the OP with ideas on reasons for seeing a "not found".  Things
work ok for us, so at the moment, I don't care about the "not found" in our

     I'm not using any `pool' statements, just `subnet' and `range'.  Also no
`static' leases are in the the range of the `range' statement.  I wish there
was a `reserved' command for the dhcpd.conf file.  I shouldn't have to edit
the lease file to get a `reserved' lease or use omapi.  On another Unix box we
have here, it has a `reserved' command for it's DHCP server.  I kind of miss
it.  I thought this option was on the `list of things to do' list.  It isn't a
big deal, just a nice to have.

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