Restarting dhcpd and loosing known hosts

Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at
Sun Aug 14 09:53:01 UTC 2011

> Everything has been working great, except when I have to make a config
> change and restart the servers.  On restart (the ubuntu stop script
> seems to send a SIGTERM(15) to the process),  it appears that the
> server isn't committing/writing its known hosts to the leases file.
> After restart the server doesn't have host definitions for many hosts
> it previously knew about.

Are you sure your dhcpd has the right to wright to the dhcpd.leases-file?
Is it writing a ~ version during the time the daemon is running? Maybe in your config is something odd that disallow writing to the dhcpd.leases-file?

Did you send your omapi-updates to both of your servers (like you have to)? Or only to one of them and after the restart they take the leasefile from the other server without th hostentries?

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