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Is it possible that you could provide a static 'lease' for a fixed address? this would be in the host option.

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I am currently running version 3.1-ESV on a slimmed down version of SLES 10. There are no pools setup.

I’m wondering how I can setup infinite leases and make them work. There is one device I’m stuck with that will only accept an infinite lease (0xffffffff).The Internet isn’t much help on this subject, nor are the archives to this mailing list.
I read the man page for dhcpd.conf and found this:

       The infinite-is-reserved statement

          infinite-is-reserved flag;

          ISC DHCP  now  supports  'reserved'  leases.   See  the  section  on
          RESERVED LEASES below.  If this flag is on, the server will automat-
          ically reserve leases allocated to clients which requested an  infi-
          nite (0xffffffff) lease-time.

          The default is off.

I turned the flag to on (infinite-is-reserved on;) in iscdhcpd.conf, and /var/log/messages shows the following entry after the DHCPOFFER to the device in question:

Aug 9 17:14:33 of888tuna dhcpd:  Infinite-leasetime reservation made on

However, in a packet sniff, I can see the server is offering a 1 day lease instead of the 0xffffffff value. The device I’m dealing with will only accept that value. While I realize that it inadvisable, I’m stuck with it.
Is there something I’m missing here as far as setting the flag to on and making it work?

Scott Thomas

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