What is the proper method to restart two node failover-dhcp services?

Marion Bogdanov marion.bogdanov at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 16:52:59 UTC 2011

Kind folks,

We are experiencing some issues with our two failover configured DHCP
In particular, for short leases (300 seconds), which is predominantly
wireless users, the users are experiencing problems that let us to
discovering that the dhcp server is issuing duplicate IPs.

We are lead to believe that this may be caused by our method used to
restart the services, after we have made changes to the scopes files, which

root at dhcp1#   /usr/sbin/dhcpdctl stop; /usr/sbin/dhcpdctl start;
followed by:
root at dhcp2#   /usr/sbin/dhcpdctl stop; /usr/sbin/dhcpdctl start;

Thanks in advance for your much appreciated input.

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