What is the proper method to restart two node failover-dhcp services?

Marion Bogdanov marionfsu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 13:24:20 UTC 2011

Thanks to all for your responses.
I have read that in the primary/secondary failover configuration, the
following procedure should be followed:

root at dhcp1#/usr/sbin/dhcpdctl stop;
followed by:
root at dhcp2#/usr/sbin/dhcpdctl stop; /usr/sbin/dhcpdctl start;
followed by:
root at dhcp1#/usr/sbin/dhcpdctl start;

The process ought to sync up the two, but I can't seem to find this
documented anywhere.

Before I tell our staff to use the procedure, I would like to have a
confirmation that it is the proper one.
Does anyone know what ISC recommends?

Thanks again,

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