How to cross compile ISC DHCP-4.2.3 using armv5b compiler???

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Wed Dec 7 09:39:21 UTC 2011

Hi all,
            I got the below cross compilation procedure for dhcp from . <>
Actually  this compliation for power pc platform.
            I would like to know , whether i can follow the same procedure for armv5b compiler.
            Otherwise there is any other separate dhcp cross compiler procedure for ISC DHCP using armv5b compiler.

DHCP Cross-compile How-To

Author: Matthias Gorjup<mailto:mgorjup at>
Last Update: 9th Feb 2003

This document describes how to cross-compile DHCP package, provided by Internet
Software Consortium (<>), for power pc platform.

1. Getting the package

Get the latest package from (at the time
of writing it is dhcp-3.0pl2.tar.gz) and untar it to your home directory:

> cd /home/gorjup
> tar xzvf dhcp-3.0pl2.tar.gz

2. Cross-compiling

After you have installed your development kit (I used DTDK-0.3 toolchain, built by
Markus Haag ), set the proper environment variables:

> export CROSS_COMPILE=ppc-linux-
> PATH=$PATH:/opt/dtdk-0.3/mpc860/bin
> export CC=ppc-linux-gcc
> export AR=ppc-linux-ar
> export STRIP=ppc-linux-strip
> export RANLIB=ppc-linux-ranlib
> export LD=ppc-linux-ld
> export NM=ppc-linux-nm

Go to the dhcp directory and configure the dhcp package:

> cd /home/gorjup/dhcp-3.0pl2
> ./configure

Now a new directory, named work.linux-2.2, has been created. Go to this directory
and edit Makefiles. In all makefiles (in the main one and in all the subdirectories)
you need to do some changes:

> cd work.linux-2.2

- add the destination directory for cross-compiled files and man pages:

DESTDIR = /home/gorjup/target_ppc_dhcp

- change line, beginning with RANLIB:

- RANLIB = ranlib
+ RANLIB = ppc-linux-ranlib

- add the definition for CC variable:
+ CC = ppc-linux-gcc

In following makefiles:
common/Makefile, dhcpctl/Makefile, dst/Makefile, minires/Makefile and omapip/Makefile
you need to replace ar binutility with ppc-linux-ar.
You find ar binutility at the end of Makefiles.
Now cross-compile the package:

> make
> make install

At the end you can strip the binaries by using ppc-linux-strip.

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