Two offers in response to one discovery

John Miller miller at
Wed Dec 14 21:34:21 UTC 2011

No, I am not 100% positive. That has been my question to Bradford and they
say no. I have also checked with ps, but did not see 2 running. Yes, there
is only one interface.

BTW- just looked at the log files and they do not jive with the pcap. I want
to do a pcap and have the logs to go with them so we can see what might be
going on. Probably will not get this done until sometime tomorrow.

More to follow. Thanks - John
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John Miller wrote:
>Simon, I will try to get these posted, but the funny thing is that the 
>log only shows the offer we want (the noncompliant IP. It does not show 
>the offer for the compliant IP.

Are you 100% certain that there is only one DHCP process running on the
server ? It shouldn't be possible to run 2 on the same interface (is there
only one interface ?), but you know how ingenious people can be !
Simon Hobson

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