Two offers in response to one discovery

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Thu Dec 15 20:52:41 UTC 2011

Yes, it does!

OK, more information. I was finally able to look at the ps -ef output more
closely and, indeed, there seems to be 2 dhcpd processes running. The way
Campus Manager works is that they restart the process every minute. This
allows any changes in the config to take effect (clients moving back and
forth between compliance and non). What I now see is a dhcpd process that
has been running since Nov. 8. It seems to be bound to the same port as the
other process, so I am not sure what that means, but it (the older process)
does not seem to be writing to the log file. When I look at the log file,
everything seems looks correct. Most likely because that file is being
generated by the process that has the correct config. The pcap shows 2
offers (one good and one bad) and my guess is that this only confuses the

Bradford engineering if (finally) looking at the processes and I am told
they will probably kill the old process and we will see what happens. If the
problem continues I will post the appropriate logs, configs, and whatever
else I need.

Thanks for everything so far. More to follow - John

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John Miller wrote:

>BTW- just looked at the log files and they do not jive with the pcap. I 
>want to do a pcap and have the logs to go with them so we can see what 
>might be going on.

That sounds a bit suspect to say the least !

Simon Hobson

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