dhclient: "parse_option_buffer: malformed option" log entries

Jordan Russell jr-list-2011 at quo.to
Fri Dec 16 06:05:38 UTC 2011

[dhclient 4.2.1-P1]

Several times per day, dhclient logs the following:

parse_option_buffer: malformed option dhcp.slp-service-scope (code 79):
option length exceeds option buffer length.

These show up at random times when dhclient isn't in the process of
renewing the local lease, so I assume they're associated with other
customers' DHCP transactions. The option mentioned in the message
varies, and is often "<unknown>".

Since these messages don't appear to concern me, is there a way to
suppress them?
It would be nice if dhclient only logged these when a local DHCP
transaction is in progress.

Jordan Russell

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