segfault in dhcpd6 4.2.3-P1 when Windows-client boots

Jasper Jongmans dhcp-users at
Fri Dec 16 13:18:05 UTC 2011

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Since a few weeks I get reproduceable segfaults in dhcpd6 when either my
desktop or laptop (both run Windows 7) finishes booting. Does not occur
on every boot and IPv4-dhcpd is not affected. My kernel has since been
recompiled with ktrace-support to give more meaningful information.

I run isc-dhcpd-4.2.3-P1 on FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p4 (compiled from
ports). dhcpd6 is running as user dhcpd and not chrooted. This is a
small home-network (NIC xl0) with dhcpd6 running on and
clients being and Dynamic
DNS-updates are sent to nameserver

Log-excerpts, config-files and censored kdump-output are available:
kdump-output is censored in the following way: only the latest block (by
timestamp close to the segfault) is included; any string which I believe
might be my secret key used for dynamic DNS is replaced by x's. If I
missed one and accidently leaked my secret key, please inform me so I
can change the key. If what I censored doesn't have to be kept secret,
please inform me so I can provide uncensored kdump.

Let me know if more information from me is needed to help resolve this

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