How to configure the DHCP to make a priority between the subnets inside same shared network

José Queiroz zekkerj at
Tue Feb 1 19:54:54 UTC 2011

2011/2/1 Tim Gavin <livewire98801 at>

> What's wrong with that, and why would it break?

Each broadcast domain should correspond to a subnet range. If you have
several subnets on the same broadcast domain, the DHCP server cannot tell
apart which request came from which subnet.

The "right way" to solve your problem is break your network in several
broadcast domains (e.g. VLANs), and assign a subnet range to each broadcast

Another way to deal with your problem is create fixed address assignments,
to the machines in all subnet ranges, except one. This last one can work
from the address pool, that now is unique.
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