Quarantine addresses for a configurable time

Flavio Poletti flavio at polettix.it
Thu Feb 17 09:32:51 UTC 2011

Hi all,

   simple use case: Alice gets address A and after some time releases
it. I would like to be able to set a "quarantine-period" during which
the released address A can only be re-assigned to Alice and to no one
else. After this period, the address is fully released and can be
reused for someone else if needed.

Conceptually, it's as if Alice renewed the lease for
"quarantine-period" seconds instead of releasing it, and it is then
released after "quarantine-period" seconds unless Alice asks for an
address again.

Is it possible by simple configuration of ISC's dhcpd? I tried to look
in the documentation but did not find anything applicable, apart from
the address hunting algorithm that only gives me some "best effort"
but no guarantee that address A can be blocked for some time.
Otherwise, I think I'll probably have to ask for help in the
isc-hackers mailing list!

Thank you all,


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