[patch] get rid of ifconfig / route in dhclient-script for Linux

Peter Marschall peter at adpm.de
Sun Jan 16 17:37:59 UTC 2011


ISC DHCP's dhclient-script for Linux still uses the legacy commands
"ifconfig" & "route" to manage IPv4 network addresses & routes,
while it uses iproute2's new "ip" command to manage IPv6 network data.

This requires users & distributions to have both types of commands installed.

The attached patch tries to improve the situation by replacing the
old "ifconfig" resp. "route" commands with their "ip" counterparts.

It even improves the logic a bit by only flushing the IPv4 addresses
instead of taking down the whole interface, which may still have active IPv6

Please consider including it into the next release of ISC DHCP.


Peter Marschall
peter at adpm.de
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