memory leak using omapi?

Wilson Yang wyang at
Wed Jan 19 15:56:09 UTC 2011



Found a email thread related to memory leak using omapi. Not sure if this
has been fixed or a work around is available.

Could you please shed some light on this?

Appreciate your help in advance.


An issue record, [ISC-Bugs #22784] has been created to address this


Here is valgrind output while using v3.1-ESV 

==2849== 70 (12 direct, 58 indirect) bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost
in loss record 37 of 39

==2849==    at 0x4022FBA: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:236)

==2849==    by 0x804FABF: dmalloc (alloc.c:80)

==2849==    by 0x805066C: omapi_value_new (alloc.c:1025)

==2849==    by 0x8055D10: omapi_generic_set_value (generic.c:160)

==2849==    by 0x805881A: omapi_message_set_value (message.c:160)

==2849==    by 0x8056A35: omapi_set_value (support.c:356)

==2849==    by 0x804CFFF: omapi_protocol_signal_handler (protocol.c:653)

==2849==    by 0x8052C3D: omapi_connection_signal_handler

==2849==    by 0x805566E: omapi_io_signal_handler (dispatch.c:614)

==2849==    by 0x8056976: omapi_signal (support.c:290)

==2849==    by 0x804EBA7: omapi_connection_reader_trace (buffer.c:261)

==2849==    by 0x804E75F: omapi_connection_reader (buffer.c:137)


And valgrind output while using v4.1-ESV,

==5828== 70 (12 direct, 58 indirect) bytes in 2 blocks are definitely lost
in loss record 39 of 39

==5828==    at 0x4022FBA: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:236)

==5828==    by 0x804F596: dmalloc (alloc.c:75)

==5828==    by 0x804F663: omapi_value_new (alloc.c:1021)

==5828==    by 0x805473D: omapi_generic_set_value (generic.c:157)

==5828==    by 0x805784A: omapi_message_set_value (message.c:162)

==5828==    by 0x804D2DA: omapi_protocol_signal_handler (protocol.c:649)

==5828==    by 0x8055866: omapi_signal (support.c:286)

==5828==    by 0x804EAC3: omapi_connection_reader_trace (buffer.c:265)

==5828==    by 0x80536D2: omapi_one_dispatch (dispatch.c:520)

==5828==    by 0x8053D53: omapi_wait_for_completion (dispatch.c:290)

==5828==    by 0x804AC39: dhcpctl_wait_for_completion (dhcpctl.c:141)

==5828==    by 0x8049B7B: main (in /home/user/list_dhclient)



Wilson Yang



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