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I should have elaborated a bit more though - if we used flow data as an
example we would need a way to "bind" the cable modem MAC to the usage..?





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SNMP/ NetFlow, dhcp has very little to do with this.





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Hi folks.


We're looking for ways to track GB transfer usage on a per subscriber basis.
This is on a rural cable modem network today (Cisco 7206VXR currently -
shortly to be Arris4).


I'm told that ISC DHCP has no abilities built in to do this - nor can I find
any DHCP system that does this on it's own.  Hope this isn't off-topic, but
what is a reasonably cost effective way to track usage that doesn't involve
much human intervention?  The reason we are hoping to keep it reasonably
cost effective is because of the small scale this particular installation is
(roughly 1400 subscribers in total).


Thanks in advance,



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