Tracking historical lease information

David Carlin djc6 at
Wed Jan 19 23:05:23 UTC 2011

I'm looking for a way to track historical lease information.  For
example, I want to be able to query a specific IP and time stamp and
be returned the MAC address which has a lease for that IP at that
point in time.

I've come across the following logging/tracking solutions searching
the list archives:

Gluff -
FindHosts -
DHCPStatus - -
LanLord -

DHCPStatus, and Lanlord seem to be geared toward
reporting on the status of current leases.  Only FindHosts and Gluff
appear to have facilities to support historical use.  Gluff seems the
most promising, but I'm not in control of the DHCP servers to upgrade
them to 4.1.0+.

Anyone else have any other recommendations before I go the roll your own route?


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