DHCP-Server issues reserved ip address to any device?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 09:21:17 UTC 2011

Stefan Guenther wrote:

>  I have created the following entry in the configuration file:
>host hpl320
>  {
>  hardware ethernet 00:14:38:9A:62:73;
>  fixed-address hp1320.in-put.de;
>  }
>When this device isn't active and the ip address is free, the dhcp server
>might assign the address to any other device, which is asking for an ip

Correct, if you as an administrator tell the server that the address 
is to be allocated dynamically, then it will do as you ask.

>Is it possible to generally reserve an ip address for a advice and therefore
>prohibit the assign to any other device?

Yes, don't include that address in any dynamically allocated range.

This is not a bug or oversight, it's by design - the administrator is 
expected to know what he's doing. In the general case, it's not 
possible to detect all permutations of config that someone could come 
up with and reliably determine what addresses are actually reserved.
Simon Hobson

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