DHCP-Server issues reserved ip address to any device?

David Forrest drf at maplepark.com
Thu Jan 20 13:39:20 UTC 2011

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011, Stefan Guenther wrote:

> Hello,
> I have created the following entry in the configuration file:
> host hpl320
> {
> hardware ethernet 00:14:38:9A:62:73;
> fixed-address hp1320.in-put.de;
> }
> When this device isn't active and the ip address is free, the dhcp server
> might assign the address to any other device, which is asking for an ip
> address.
> Is it possible to generally reserve an ip address for a advice and therefore
> prohibit the assign to any other device?
> Thanks for any hint or advice,
> Stefan

dhcpd-4.2.0 has the reserved feature. See man dhcpd.conf "reserved leases"

I do it by adding the reserved statement to my leases file WHEN DHCPD IS 
NOT RUNNING as below:

>>binding state active;
>>next binding state free;
>>hardware ethernet 00:00:39:1b:43:0e;
>>uid "\001\000\0009\033C\016";

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