Using dhcpctl_new_authenticator throws 'connection reset by peer' at dhcpctl_wait_for_completion

Johnson koil Raj johnson.raj at
Mon Jul 4 10:37:12 UTC 2011


     I am trying to use the authentication process  available in DHCP 
api. If I tried to use the dhcpctl_new_authenticator it always fails. If 
I doesn't use that every thing works fine.

Here are my observations.

1) If I use this code.

   dhcpctl_handle authenticator = NULL;
   const char *keyname = "omapi_key";
   const char *algorithm = "HMAC-MD5";
   const char *secret = 

  status = dhcpctl_new_authenticator (&authenticator,
                                       secret, strlen(secret) + 1);

The  dhcpctl_wait_for_completion call returns status 'connection reset 
by peer'.

In dhcpd.conf  the following configuration is used.

# Key for OMAPI
omapi-port 9991;
key omapi_key {
   algorithm HMAC-MD5;
omapi-key omapi_key;

2) If I use this sort of code

      status = dhcpctl_connect (&connection, "", 9991, 0);

In dhcpd.conf  I commented out omapi-key entry.

# Key for OMAPI
omapi-port 9991;
key omapi_key {
   algorithm HMAC-MD5;
#omapi-key omapi_key;

Now everything work fines.

Whether I am missing any stuff when using keys for authentications. Any 
help would be greatfull.


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