is DHCP failover across long distance WAN operational

Glenn Satchell glenn.satchell at
Sat Jul 16 13:05:06 UTC 2011

On 07/15/11 07:44, Dong Han wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody have experiences to run geographically separated (two corners of the U.S) DHCP failover peers on public network? What is the practical minimal communication channel requirement roughly.
> Such information will help us in our engineering decision. Thank you very much for sharing your thought.
> David

A few years ago I ran a dhcp setup with widely separated failover pairs. 
the primary was locaed in Sydney with secondaries in other capital cities.

The largest secondary was Melbourne (a distance of 900km) via a 34mbit/s 
link and this worked just fine. At a guess there may have been about 
1200 PC clients and 1500 ip phones. There were other smaller sites that 
were further away, and they all seemed to work fine to. This was version 
3.0.7 or so.

The failover traffic is not that big - the largest transfer would be a 
full update of the lease database, but this only happens if required.

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