Problem installing isc-dhcp

Mike Rosensweig mrosensweig at
Wed Jul 27 18:12:36 UTC 2011


I am trying to install the new version of isc-dhcp from the isc website and
am running into some problems with using dhcpctl and omapi.  I download the
tar.gz, unzip it into my home directory, and then run configure, make, and
make install, as the README says.  The problem I am running into is that
while most of the relevant .h files get moved to /usr/local/include, some of
them (specifically the ones from bind/includes/isc) do not, so when I try to
compile i get a bunch of '________' declared as function returning a
function errors since it can not locate 'isc/result.h'.  If i had
~/dhcp-4.2.1-P1/bind/include to the include path the program will then
compile, but this does not seem like the desired behavior, as I would assume
the necessary header and lib files should all be put in the proper locations
and work out of the box.  Am i missing something here, or do I need to
install some additional package for this to work?

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