PATCH: Force broadcast flag in dhclient

François-Xavier Le Bail fx.lebail at
Fri Jul 29 09:46:27 UTC 2011


ISC DHCP is useful in production but also in test environments.

In some case test, we need to force broadcast flag for DHCPv4 client requests, even if "can_receive_unicast_unconfigured" function return true (like in Linux packet filter code).

The access or configuration of the DHCP server (via always-broadcast true;) is not always possible.

The new –b the flag permit to force the use of the BOOTP_BROADCAST flag in client requests.

Usage: 'dhclient ... -b ...'

It may be useful for other users.

Here is a patch for dhcp-4.2.2rc1.

Please let me know your feedback.

Best Regards,
Francois-Xavier Le Bail
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