GSS TSIG dynamic DNS from dhcpd

Ingen Schenau, Jeroen van (ICTS) j.vaningenschenau at
Mon Jun 20 15:16:04 UTC 2011

Sorry for reopening this old thread...

> > How can I make the DHCP server use GSS TSIG for dynamic updates? That
> > is: How do I tell the server to use "-g" (or equivalent) for a specific
> > zone?
> It's not supported by the plain-vanilla dhcpd.
> BlueCat Networks has added GSS-TSIG support into our build of dhcpd as
> of Adonis 6.5.
> Chris Buxton
> BlueCat Networks

Chris, just wondering: did BlueCat add this functionality directly into
the dhcpd code or does your company use external hooks, eg calling
"nsupdate" on commit/release/expiry? And if it's added into your dhcpd
code, any chance that the patch will be made available to the public or
submitted to ISC?


Jeroen van Ingen
ICT Service Centre
University of Twente, P.O.Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands

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